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Networking a Useful Way to Your New Job

November 29, 2011 bobfranklin2011

Jobs in Pakistan

Jobs in Pakistan

Many career experts and market analysts estimate that majority of job openings are not publicized however, candidates are appointed through networking. The term used for such type of jobs is known as hidden job market. Job openings that are included in hidden job market increase with the level of job. Still people with sufficient knowledge do not succeed in utilizing the entire benefits of networking. Networking means to develop a wide list of contacts. To expand your contact list first you need to organize yourself. While travelling anywhere to attend seminars or industry gatherings you need to keep a business card or computer database.

Youngsters looking for job opportunities in Pakistan are often weak in expanding their network in their respective industries. Therefore, initially starting from your family, friends, neighbors, and your colleagues will help. Attending trade shows and conferences provide a better opportunity to explore your network. The best way to keep your network up to date is to keep in touch with them through phone call, emails, or gathering at weekends. This is the best way to maintain a successful networking by putting your entire efforts to make it work.

If you are a Job seeker and searching jobs in Pakistan or anywhere, you can use the following useful steps to develop successful networking.

  • Preparing An Attractive Resume

This is the time to prepare an attractive resume. Check out the professionals in your industry and find your mistakes. Your resume has to be attractive so that it can grasp the attention of viewers. It should highlight your professional experience and achievements that are notable.

  • Self Assessment

An honest view of your strength and weak points is very important to know yourself. After conducting an honest self-assessment, you need to decide what sort of job is ideal for you.

  • How To Organize Network

This step is one of the steps valuable in success. Computers are in access of almost every person therefore, using the best method is a database or spreadsheet where you can store name, organization, contact number and other relevant information you need to be contact with people in your network.

  • Communication In Your Network

The most important act is to keep in touch with people in your network. Never feel shy asking for information or help in your job placement. Often people like sharing their knowledge and helping others.

  • Initiating Informative Meetings

Meeting with people working in your industry is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and expand your network.

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